Darul Arqam Academy is pleased to announce that our school expansion plans recently received the approval of adding Elementary School.

This achievement marks a significant step towards the implementing of an exciting improvement project at our facility. Serendipity is currently working closely with its primary architect and various consultants to conclude the process of expansion.  The best estimate at this time is that in-site construction could begin of Augset  2018, and that on-site construction could end as early as September 2018 and conclude by the end of 2018.

So, what would our elementary school do with more space? That’s simple—create even more creative, imaginative, and inspiring spaces where children can wonder, explore, discover, and celebrate the joys of childhood.

Darul Arqam Elementary School was designed to be a small close-knit learning community of 100 students or less. An important note is that the proposed campus enhancements will not result in student enrollment that exceeds that number, a deliberate decision we made in order to maintain the warm and personal atmosphere in which everyone is known and appreciated for who they are, an atmosphere that is uniquely Serendipity. To that end, class sizes will remain small, and low student-teacher ratios will be maintained. Imagine then, if you will, what these additional features and spaces will mean to our faculty and staff, and especially to our children!


We are delighted to continue our journey to provide our Serendipity students with the very best in education and care.