“Darul Arqam Academy invites you to join our 300 Charitable (محسنين ) project with only $1 a day donation to support our underprivileged and refugee students. Click here to join!!!  

The following message is from Annur Islamic School unedited. Please help the school in this good cause.


Despite our very limited resources, as a not-for-profit organization, Annur Islamic School believes in equal opportunity to all. Based on our Motto “No Child left Out” Annur seeks to admit more underprivileged students who have been trying so hard to join our school but due to the limited resources they have been turned away year after year. This year Annur is reaching out to you on their behalf so you may sponsor our future Muslim Leaders who will lead and serve our Muslim community and humanity at large.

Also with 150 School aged refugees, our community is overwhelmed with such great blessing and responsibility. With most of the young refugees experiencing cultural and religious shock, Annur Islamic School is stepping up to help our young refugees find a nourishing Islamic environment that will help them integrate into the society without losing their identity. Our refugees cannot afford paying their own bills let alone the school tuition. Our school is committed to raising the funds to sponsor enough refugee students for this coming school year. With your support we can do this!!!!!!